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 The Benefits of Hiring Independent Vote Tabulators....
Disgruntled shareholders/cooperators or unitowners.
Time consumption.
The lack of knowledge concerning the electoral process.
Outdated electoral systems.
The need to provide a safe, secure electoral process.
The need to implement transparent procedures for an unprejudiced, impartial and fair election.

All of these are good reasons to hire an outside, independent election administration service. However, how do you find one? Also, when you do find one what information do you need. Your thoughts might be `We have been running our elections the same way for 15 years.' That statement alone is a reason to change. After 15 years, voting procedures have grown, they have progressed and they are not as expensive as you might think.

You also might think `the same organization has been running our elections for the past 20 years'. If that is the case how do you know if you can get a better deal or better service if you do not shop around. How can you tell your cooperators or shareholders that you have found the best price for them if you do not look at other services. Unless of course you don't care.

The thought that you might be able to save money by doing it yourself is a myth. The amount of time and energy that you expend doing it your self is not cost effective. The time and energy you save by allowing professionals to supervise your election is immeasurable. The knowledge that election professionals bring can save you money and aggravation in the end. It allows property managers to get on with the business of managing their properties. It provides a much-needed buffer between management and the electoral process. It creates a transparent procedure (if the company is good) which in turn gives your cooperators/shareholders the added comfort of knowing their elections are safe and being run in a professional manner. The new procedures that will be implemented are not only effective but they are, contrary to popular belief, user friendly.

An independent, nonpartisan election administration organization does not campaign or support any candidate or idea. A true nonpartisan organization will tell you the hard truth about running your elections, the procedures you have to change and the procedures you need to implement in order to run a successful election.

Election administrators should do more than tally votes; they should provide an election system that speeds up the process. They should provide election services that produce a transparent election and they should provide solutions to problems that might already exist or that come up during the process. A true election service will streamline the process and make it as painless as possible. The transition from one style to another will have its detractors but overall it is for the good of the cooperative/condominium.

Fair and impartial elections are the right of every person in this country and it is the right of every cooperator/shareholder.

There will always be a few people that do not like the outcome of an election but a totally transparent procedure alleviates all talk of impropriety. An impartial, independent service, like The Voting Group,  brings integrity to your election process.
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NY Phone: 1-718-776-1017
FL Phone: 1-954-636-8213
Toll Free: 1-877-VOTING GROUP

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