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~ The Voting Group is a turnkey operation that specializes in the process of supervising elections for co-ops, condos, colleges (student and faculty) and corporate board of directors. to my knowledge their work is high caliber, honest and dependable. ~
~ Alton Waldon Jr.
Senator, 10th. S. D.
~ It is good to know there is a service such as yours. I would not hesitate to recommend to cooperatives and condominiums that they consider an impartial outside service such as yours to speed up the voting processes and ensure trust and credibility in the elections. ~
~ Douglas M. Klein, CAF/ Executive Director
National Association of Housing Cooperatives
~ I would recommend their services to any organization that wishes to run a fair and impartial election without the hint of impropriety.~
~ Svetla Lawless, Property Manager
Shore Towers Condominium
~ ...they have performed admirably and professionally. We have never missed a quorum, their prices are reasonable and we received services we never had before. I would recommend their services to any organization that wishes to run a fair and impartial election.~
~ David Rizzuto, Site Manager
Bay Ridge Air Rights Cooperative
~ They performed wonderfully, and the election went smoothly. We hope to use their services again.~
~ Carlton Ford, Property Manager
Gouverneur Gardens Cooperative
~ This is to serve as a congratulatory letter to The Voting Group for its outstanding performance. They were cooperative with our requests and courteous to our shareholders.
~ Janis Ostrander, Bldg. Manager
Harway Terrace Cooperative
~ The Voting Group was instrumental in recommending and implementing this new election policy. If your organization chooses to consider this company we believe you will be well pleased with their performance.
~ Gloria Brown, President
Franklin Plaza Apt's. Inc

~ ...when it came time to tally the votes. Immediately following the closing of the polls, The Voting Group wasted no time and began to count the votes. They operated in an organized and efficient manner, thus providing accurate election results in what seemed to be a short period of time.
- Gisella Rivera, Director of Student Activities
 Queens Borough Community College
~ We have been very pleased with their election administration services. The Voting Group provides TV4 with customized service and support. Their representatives are most professional.....Their work is exemplary.
~Lollie Reich, President
Trump Village Section 4

~ The Oceana Homeowners Association engaged the services of The Voting Group to supervise our recent Board Elections. As a result of the professional manner in which they performed, Brighton Development Company, the sponsor of the Oceana Development, hired The Voting Group to supervise a special vote of the Oceana community regarding an important modification of the original development plan. Without reservation I recommend The Voting Group to any organization that wishes to run a fair, honest, and impartial election or vote.
~ George Naito, VP
 Director of Management, Allied Brighton Mgmt. LLC

~ ...since Mr. Gittens and his staff from "The Voting Group" have administered the election process at Seward Park Housing Corporation, we have not had any improprieties which would have caused our  elections to be contested or voided by our shareholders or candidates, which has occurred with other election companies in prior years. We at Seward Park Housing Corporation strongly and highly recommend the services of "The Voting Group" to any organization that wishes a fair and impartial election and we assure you that you will be pleased with their services.
~ Carlos Rosado, Election-Chairperson
 Seward Park Housing Corporation
~ They provide a multitude of services and have adjusted that service to suit each of our individual needs for each of our election process.
We admire your dedication, professionalism and integrity.
I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Oceana Homeowners Association and recommend your company to any organization interested in engaging your services.
~Ivan Roman
Oceana Homeowners Association
~ Your services provided us with the comfort of knowing that the proxy and ballot intake would not be second guessed by the voting shareholders of the corporation. You handled yourselves in a professional manner and provided us with all the documentation and certification to assure anyone that everything was handled properly. We were very pleased with your services.
~ Ken Oppenheimer, Managing Agent
   8720 Apartment Corp

Management, Inc.
~ The Voting Group, LLC. is a specialized firm that has been chosen by Florida's Condo Ombudsman to be the official Election Monitor.
~ Jan Bergman, President,
Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc.

~ ...thanks for the effective job done in the direction and monitoring of the board of directors election done in our condominium. we will not hesitate to ask for your services again as well as to recommend your services to other condominiums in our area.
~Rolando Vaquero, President
East Wind Lake Condominium

~ We are very impressed with the level of professionalism, detail, integrity and transparency of the entire process. We look forward in the near future to have such an impartial body conduct our elections. This way the rights of the people are respected and their votes are counted.
~Board of Directors
Tiffany Lakes Condominium Association

~ Please be advised that "The Voting Group" is a very professional company with a courteous staff. Jamie Towers was very pleased with this company and would use their services again. We would also highly recommend  "The Voting Group".
~Management office
 Jamie Towers Housing Company
~ This letter is to let you know how thankful we are as a community, for your participation in the election process of our annual election. We are very pleased that the State of Florida selected The Voting Group to be the election monitors for our Community. Your understanding of the process, the way you handled the situation and explanation of the process ensured that the votes were cast according to Florida State Laws.
~Larry Hall, President
BOD Courtyards at Nautica Condominium
~ We at Fairways thank you for your services... The service you performed is essential in situations such as ours.... It was a job well done. You and your staff handled yourself professionally, and got down to the business of counting votes while being courteous and responsive to all owners and persons involved... On behalf of our Association, we wish to thank you.
~Carolyn Wexler, President
  Fairways at Grand Harbor Condominium

~ Dear Governor Bush,
As a resident of Florida, I wish to thank you for establishing The Office of The Condominium Ombudsman in Tallahassee. Our Election Monitors, The Voting Group, quickly and quietly established their presence and took control of the election process. The new Board of Directors has already agreed that the use of Election Monitors should become a part of our Annual Membership Election Meeting to ensure fair elections continue.
Thank you on behalf of the voters in The Springwood II Villas Condominium Association, in Pinellas Park, Fl.
~ Nancy Schiano, President
   Springwood Villas II Condominium

~ As General Manager of Luna Park Housing Corporation, a Brooklyn co-op comprised of 1,576 units, I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for The Voting Group, LLC.
This year the Board of Directors chose to go with an outside election company and they opted for someone who could place a voting machine in the lobby of each building on our election day. Brien Gittens and The Voting Group, LLC were given the contract and I was very pleased to see that they jumped right in by preparing me for all the information they were going to need. We had 18 candidates running and one ballot proposition, so there were many details to watch. I am happy to say that our paperwork was all created and delivered to shareholders within the required timeframes and that Election Day itself went very well with the voting machines. Perhaps the most telling proof of our success was the lack of post election squabbling and finger pointing. Sadly, these elections can often generate demands for recounts. This year brought none of this following Election Day.
Brien Gittens and all his staff worked a very long Election Day, and they remained professional and courteous throughout. I would be happy to use their services in the future and I am happy to provide this recommendation.
~ Don Haslett, General Manager
   Luna Park Housing Cooperative

~ Last night we had our condominium Board elections supervised by Brien Gittens and Kevin of The Voting Group, LLC. The outcome of the elections resulted in a change of the Board.
We would like to commend Brien for his professionalism in handling a couple of incidents created by the old Board’s President. Brien was most courteous and explained that he was strictly following the rules of the office of the Ombudsman.
Both Brien and Kevin were extremely helpful in helping us carry out a legal election.
We would appreciate this letter to be placed in their files for the record.
~ M. Menor
   Parkler Towers Condominium

~ We have been extremely pleased with the companies professionalism and attentiveness to our needs. Their quick response and attention to detail is greatly appreciated. They have provided us with invaluable assistance and guidance when dealing with a recent recall of our board members in addition to our recently held annual election of officers. We are confident that if you choose them for your property you will be equally impressed.
~ Tiffany K. Torres-Acosta, Property Manager
    Arlen House Condominium

~ My wife and I have only lived in our building for three years, but for more than a decade there had not been a fully realized election for the board of managers. Consequently the same people would end up by default controlling spending again and again and things had gotten to a crisis point. Thanks to the election procedure provided by Brien Gittens and The Voting Group, LLC, providing the closest thing to a real election in the history of our building, we now have a new board and new officers.
~ Acadeny Twins Condominium

~ On behalf of the Residential Board of Managers of Central Park Place, I want to thank you for handling our Annual Elections this year in a most professional manner. We have had highly contested elections for the past few years, so were very concerned as to how the meeting would be conducted this year. Being a large building of 300 units, the dynamics can be overwhelming at times. The professionalism with which you and your team took care of the complete election process brought a lot of confidence to the unit owners and avoided any contention.

  Despite the fact that we contacted you just a few days before the meeting, we appreciate your accommodating our request and undertaking the tabulation of our election results. We have used a different agency in the past, but I must say that the confidence you gave us and the manner in which you handled the complete process was far superior than what we have experienced in the past.
~ Moyna Singh
   Central Park Place Condominium

Florida Ombudsman
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NY Phone: 1-718-776-1017
FL Phone: 1-954-636-8213
Toll Free: 1-877-VOTING GROUP

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