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The petition process....
Pursuant to Section 718.5012 of the Florida Statutes, fifteen percent (15%) of the total voting interests in a condominium association, or six unit owners, whichever is greater, may petition the ombudsman to appoint an election monitor to attend the annual meeting of the unit owners and conduct the election of directors. Shareholder's can petition the state to supervise their association's election. As long as they submit an official petition in a timely manner (at least 14 days before the election) to the ombudsman's office with at least 15% of the registered shareholders signatures included, then the state will assign election monitors.
Even an association's Board of Directors can petition the state to supervise their elections if they submit a petition in a timely manner with at least 15% of the registered shareholders signatures attached.

Dear Petitioner and Condominium owner,
PLEASE PLAN AHEAD….at least 30 days in advance ~ 14 day Notice is needed to process a Petition.
Please mail us “All Election Materialsreceived from your Condominium Association.
1. Unit owners must CLEARLY PRINT their name, unit number.
2. The owner's signature must be original. NO FAX, e-mail or electronic signatures.
3.  Only “unit owners” shall sign the petition.
4. Owners of more than one unit may sign once and list all their unit numbers. Each unit will count toward achieving the 15% required.
5. If a designated voter of a Trust or Corporation signs the petition, a copy of the voter's certificate must be attached.
6. It is recommended that more than the minimum of 15% signatures be submitted to ensure validation and prevent delays.
7. “Page 2” of the Petition may be copied and attached for additional spaces.
8. Call (954) 202-3234 to verify that your original Petition for Appointment of Election Monitor form has been received by our office.
9. Fax the Petition to (954) 202-3237 and mail the original by Certified Mail to the address below.
10. “ORIGINAL” Petition for Appointment of Election Monitor must be received by our office before it will be validated.
Election Monitor,
Condominium Ombudsman
1400 West Commercial Boulevard
Suite #115 - P
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Petition for Appointment of Election Monitor (PDF format)...
Non Petition Process......
Only an association's Board of Directors can contract directly with The Voting Group in order to have us supervise their election without a petition: Without the petition the Board of Directors is the only entity that can contract with us directly. This means the Board does not have to follow the petition process and gather 15% of eligible shareholders signatures. All they need is approval of the majority of the Board and they can call us directly and ask for our services. The election will still be conducted in the same manner according to Florida state rules, regulations and procedures.
Requesting Additional Services: 
All additional services have to be requested by The Board of Directors: If any association wants additional services or any service other than that which is normally provided by the ombudsman's office, the Board of Directors will have to hire The Voting Group directly/privately and bypass the petition process. The ombudsman's office does not provide these additional services.
Additional services are defined as~
Second notice mailing services.
P. O. Box service. (Ballots mailed to our P.O. Box).
Candidates pictures and biographies. (optional).
Election package design and printing.
Runoff elections.
Special elections.
NOTE: These additional services are NOT provided by the Ombudsmans office.
To receive these services the Board will have to hire The Voting Group privately.
An individual shareholder can not request additional services from the ombudsman office.
Only the Board of Directors can request these additional services.
The Voting Group, LLC
Fort Lauderdale Florida, 33309
Phone: 1-954-636-8213
E-Fax: 1-775-269-3969
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