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All payments are due at least 5 days before the election or required services are scheduled to begin as provided by Florida Administrative Code (FAC ) 61B-23.002 15(9).
If the actual time involved exceeds the original time estimate an additional invoice will be submitted.
Checks and Money Orders are accepted.
Any shareholder can petition the state to supervise the Board of Directors election of their condominium as long as they follow the petition process. A Shareholder can not contract our services directly with out Board approval.
The Board of Directors of any association (Condo, Homeowners or Tenants Association) is allowed to hire us privately if they choose to do so. The election will be conducted in accordance to Florida Law and the associations By-Laws. (more)
The Voting Group, LLC
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FL Phone: 1.954.636.8213
Fax: 1.775.269.3969

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