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 Election Administrators: Why hire the Voting Group, LLC....
The Voting Group, LLC adds value to any organization by insuring the integrity of your election process.

Why is this important?

Some organizations can be plagued by unscrupulous or just incompetent Board members. Or certain organizations could have board members that seem to get re-elected every year and it makes you wonder how it happened. Or maybe you belong to an organization that has not had an election for Directors in years. Whichever scenario is yours, the cost of keeping bad Board members in place can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue as well as bad feelings throughout the organization. The peace of mind that is generated when you have a transparent, fair and honest election process is priceless!

Whether you are a Management Company, a Shareholder or on the Board of Directors of your organization, hiring an independent, non partisan, outside organization like The Voting Group, LLC avoids any hint of impropriety or conflict of interest that might arise if you were to try to monitor and manage your election yourself. Hiring an outside organization puts distance between the management company or the board of directors and the election process so no one can be accused of foul play.
By providing professional election monitoring services it insures the integrity of your election process and when you provide integrity to your organization you also add value to your organization.

The Voting Group also provides your organization with experienced, professional election personnel that are more than capable of handling the whole election process. This will ultimately translate into a time savings and in turn will allow you more time to run your organization.

Choosing an election monitoring service is a big decision for any association. Whatever you decide will impact you personally in your daily life. Some election monitoring services will make many promises but, the best company can translate words into reality/action.

When you hire The Voting Group, LLC you save time, money and headaches.

Our specialization translates into focused service.
Our broad experience translates into high efficiency.
Our reliability translates into peace of mind.
Our indepemdent, non-partisan position translates into transparent, honest elections.
Will you find the company that translates words to action?

Matching promises to experiences is a difficult task. When you hire The Voting Group, LLC you get an experienced staff of professional election supervisors with an average of 15 years in election monitoring under their belts. This experience will save you time, money and headaches in the long run and will also provide solutions to any problems that might arise.

The Voting Group, LLC, is a new look in Election Supervision, Services and Solutions.
Call us now at 1-718-776-1017 or if in Florida, 1-954-636-8213 or outside of those two states, 1-877-VOTINGGROUP (877-868-4644) or e-mail us at
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NY Phone: 1-718-776-1017
FL Phone: 1-954-636-8213
Toll Free: 1-877-VOTING GROUP
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