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1. Impartiality is the key to the success of any election. The Voting Group ensures impartiality by checking its clients and their personnel to guarantee that no individual involved has a vested interest in the outcome of the election. Also, The Voting Group suggests to its clients that the designated election chairperson be a disinterested party.

a. As an election supervisor, monitor and administrator, The Voting Group follows three principles.
First, The Voting Group, LLC protects the rights of all eligible voters by using the secret balloting system thus ensuring voter confidentiality.
Second, it is responsible for conducting a fair and impartial election that avoids the appearance of favoritism toward any candidate or issue.
 Third, all elections are conducted according to federal/state law and each organization's bylaws.

b. The Voting Group's policy is that all interested parties must be present or offered the opportunity to be present when important issues are discussed. To encourage dialogue throughout each election, The Voting Group provides a telephone number for election questions and concerns.

c. Before each election, The Voting Group reviews the appropriate federal laws, state laws and the bylaws of its clients. The Voting Group's election staff has extensive knowledge of election laws.

d. According to Title IV of the Labor-Management Reporting and
Disclosure Act, the Federal government requires minimum standards to make sure that all union elections are conducted fairly. Organizations must also strictly adhere to the election rules outlined in their bylaws. Where there are inadequacies in election procedures of either the federal law or organizational by-laws, The Voting Group will make enhancements in order to guarantee a sound election. For instance, federal law requires a minimum of 15 days' notice for members to return a mail ballot prior to an election. The Voting Group recommends using a 30 day notice period to ensure a higher ballot return rate.
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