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  THE VOTING GROUP, LLC is a privately owned, independent, nonpartisan, total turnkey organization of Professional Board of Directors Election Administrators, Independent Vote Tabulators or Inspectors of BOD Elections. We coordinate, manage, supervise and monitor elections from start to finish for private organizations. “THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” has been serving this community since 1999. “THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” insures the integrity of the electoral process by providing comprehensive services, techniques, election equipment and personnel that bring about a fair and honest election procedure. We specialize in the design and customization of organizational elections by providing our clients with comprehensive products and services.
It is our mission to work diligently with each customer to understand and exceed the needs in delivering a transparent election process. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to know our customers so we can design and customize our services and products to meet a wide range of needs within this industry.
“THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” has two offices, one in New York and the other in Florida but, we can and will go anywhere our services are needed.

“THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” supervises elections from start to finish by using various techniques and technologies. We insure the integrity of the election process by supplying our clients with HAVA approved (voter verifiable) electronic machinery, lever voting machinery, secure Internet voting, secure voice mail voting, scanning equipment for paper ballots, annual newsletter and proxy design and preparation, mailing services, P.O. Box service and professional customer service. Our paper based system can be used for on-site or mail elections. We can tally cumulatively (shares), proportionally or use the one person one vote method.
Our areas of expertise are:
Cooperative Apartments,
Cooperative Associations (i.e. food, energy etc.),
Tenants Associations,
Home Owners Associations (H.O.A.'s,)
Colleges (student and faculty government),
Labor Unions,
Fraternal Organizations,
Corporate Board Elections.
Religious Organizations.
The products we can provide include;
HAVA approved, touch monitor voting equipment,
Lever voting equipment,
Interactive Voice Response voting (IVR),
Internet voting
Paper ballot voting.
Our services include:
Design, printing and distribution of envelopes, ballots and notices,
Design and printing of Annual Newsletter package which includes candidates pictures and biographies.
Post Office Box service.
Tally and administration.
Also we provide professional election monitors on election night.

The Voting Group, LLC provides solutions for:
By providing
you with:
Quorum Problems.
Customized Service,
High Costs.
Individual Customer Support.
Election Questions.
Precise, Impartial Approach.
Miscounted Votes.
Creative Problem Solving.
Contentious Elections.
Reliability, Affordability, Flexibility.

  A fair and impartial election enables voters to choose new representatives and leaders, and it tests the existing democratic processes and procedures. Most organizations, however, often lack the capacity to effectively support the management of elections or the electoral and political process itself. That's where “THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” comes in by coordinating, administrating, monitoring and supervising the procedure from start to finish.
  "THE VOTING GROUP, LLC" supervises elections for private organizations that don't have the time or experience to do it themselves and for organizations that want to / have to alleviate any hint of impropriety from their election process.
   Hiring a professional service provides the managers or owners of these businesses with the time to continue the job of managing their business. It also eliminates any thoughts of impropriety. It eliminates confusion and shows everyone that you care for their opinion by conducting an impartial, totally transparent election and you want to make sure their voice is heard.      
   “THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” adheres to a strict order of impartiality, neutrality and high standards. We supervise elections on and off site depending on your preference. Our staff has a combined average of over 20 years within the electoral arena and they bring with them the knowledge and savvy it takes to organize and run a successful election.
  “THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” provides comprehensive assistance in election planning and administration, as well as in strengthening civic participation. For democracy to flourish, elections must reflect the will of the people.

The Voting Group, LLC is a privately held company based in Queens, NY. If you are curious about our services, click here.
Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.
 "We provide more than superior service. We provide solutions."
Thanks for your time and please keep us in mind.

NY Phone: 1-718-776-1017
FL Phone: 1-954-636-8213
Toll Free: 1-877-VOTING GROUP

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Election Administration  and Monitoring Services
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NY Phone: 1.718.776.1017
FL Phone: 1.954.636.8213
Fax: 1.775.269.3969

Outside of NY and Florida
Toll Free: 1.877.868.4644
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Online/ Internet Voting
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