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Condominium Associations make up a significant portion of housing in the U.S. In the past, in certain areas condominium associations were less likely to hire outside professionals. Either because they felt their organization was too small to warrant it or they never saw the need in hiring one. But now, condominium associations have discovered that It is always a good idea to hire independent, outside professionals to insure a totally transparent election procedure. The benefits are immeasurable because of the time and aggravation you save and the security and transparency you gain..


Cooperative Apartments routinely hire election administrators to supervise their elections. According to the New York Dept. of Finance there are 7,223 cooperatives in New York and many come under the Mitchel-Lama heading. The Voting Group, LLC can provide comprehensive service to them all.



  • Ballot / Proxy Tally Services / Mailing / P.O. Box Service.

  • Electronic Voting Machinery.

  • Annual Meeting Newsletter (Candidates Bios and Pictures).

  • Internet Voting Capabilities

  • Secure Voice Mail / Telephone Voting Coordination.

  • Cumulative Voting, Proportional Voting

  • Management, Supervision and Monitoring.

  • Client Meetings, Professional Staff.

  • Customized Service, Certification.

  • Reasonable Rates, Timely Results.

  • Administration, Voting Solutions.


NOTE: For HOA's in Florida, in addition to our normal services we also provide:

Pre-election Administrative services.


.... are governed by a Board of Directors / Managers so they fall into the scope of businesses that we provide services for. The services we provide are identical to that of condominiums, co-operative apartments, unions etc.

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