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Labor Unions have long been the front runners in the fight for fair and impartial elections. Unions have used private services for many years. Union members are sometimes spread across the state if not the entire country. It is our job to notify all eligible voters and give them the opportunity to cast their vote in a safe, secure manner.


As religious congregations grow larger there is a growing need to coordinate and run a successful election. Churches use this service in order to democratically install pastors, ministers, bishops, secretaries and the like. The Voting Group provides this service at reasonable rates.


The Voting Group, LLC provides comprehensive services to colleges and universities. We can provide secure internet/online elections as well as provide electronic voting machinery or secure voice mail voting. All of our services are supervised by an election professional. Whether you choose to use internet, voice or traditional voting means there will be a professional election administrator right there with you to take you through the procedure.

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