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For democracy to flourish, elections must reflect the will of the people.


For democracy to flourish, elections must reflect the will of the people.

  THE VOTING GROUP, LLC is a privately owned, independent, nonpartisan, total turnkey organization of Professional Election Monitors, Administrators, Independent Vote Tabulators and Inspectors of Board of Directors Elections.


In the case of Florida Condos, Home Owners Associations and Co-ops, as an independent company, we can offer you services that others can't which further secures your election process.

These additional services set us apart from any other organization or persons that say they can supervise and manage your board of directors election correctly.

As a full service company we can implement techniques that would take the entire process out of the hands of your association which saves them time and headache and shields them from any wrong doing. It also guarantees a non-partisan approach to your election process which provides integrity and transparency to your board of directors election.

As an independent, non partisan organization we can provide services that other organizations can not. For instance:

  • We can design and mail your Annual Meeting notices and Voting packages to all shareholders/home owners/unit owners.

    • This means, we are the only ones handling your ballots.

    • This means, we can determine if ballots have been duplicated.

    • We also can keep track of who asks for and receives a duplicate package.

  • We can receive all returned mail at our offices.

    • This means, we are the only ones receiving and handling your ballots.

  • We can include candidate statements and pictures in the package if needed.

    • This means, you can now see who you are voting for and read about their ideas for your organization if elected.

    • it also provides a platform for candidates to campaign.

But the things that really set us apart are:

  • if needed, we can provide, secure internet or online voting capabilities to our clients.

  • If needed, we can provide touch screen, electronic voting machinery to our clients.

These last few services aren't absolutely necessary in order for The Voting Group to run a successful Board of Directors election for Florida Condos, Co-ops and H.O.A.'s but, they provide additional incentive for shareholders/home owners/unit owners to cast their vote.

We Th

THE VOTING GROUP, LLC is not constrained to the same procedures that the Ombudsman's office and their monitors have to follow but, we still supervise and manage your Board of directors elections according to the Florida administrative code and Florida statutes that regulate condominium and cooperative elections. As trained Florida condo election monitors, we are very familiar with condo board voting procedures and Florida condo election rules but, as an independent company we can provide your organization with additional services on top of what you would receive from the ombudsman's office in order to insure a fair and honest election.

THE VOTING GROUP, LLC supervises elections from start to finish by using various techniques and technologies. We insure the integrity of the election process by supplying our clients with HAVA approved (voter verifiable) electronic machinery,  secure Internet voting, secure voice mail voting, annual newsletter and proxy design and preparation, mailing services, P.O. Box service and professional customer service. Our paper based system can be used for on-site or mail elections. We can tally cumulatively (shares), proportionally or use the one person one vote method.


  “THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” adheres to a strict order of impartiality, neutrality and high standards. We supervise elections on and off site depending on your preference. Our staff has a combined average of over 20 years within the electoral arena and they bring with them the knowledge and savvy it takes to organize and run a successful election.

  “THE VOTING GROUP, LLC” provides comprehensive assistance in election planning and administration, as well as in strengthening owner/shareholder participation.

  "THE VOTING GROUP, LLC" supervises elections for organizations and associations that want to alleviate any hint of impropriety from their election process.

   Hiring professional election monitors provides the managers of condo, co-op and HOA associations with the time to continue the job of managing their association. It also eliminates any thoughts of impropriety. It eliminates confusion and shows everyone that you care for their opinion by conducting an impartial, totally transparent election and you want to make sure their voice is heard.       


The Voting Group, LLC is a privately held company. If you are curious about our services, click here.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

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