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   As stated in another article (the process of hiring election monitors), hiring an Election Administration service is an effective way of guaranteeing the integrity of your organizations election.


  But not all services are the same. As they say, you get what you pay for. Although paying for an independent, third party organization might be an additional expense, the time and money you save in the long run is immeasurable.

  The cost of possibly having unscrupulous people on your board of directors can range from a couple of thousand dollars into the millions.

  There have been many cases of embezzlement, voter fraud, bid rigging and other criminal acts in Florida's Condos and H.O.A.'s and most start off with a stolen election.

  Having your management company supervise your organizations elections is a conflict of interest (plus they are not professional election monitors). Just because they say they can do it does not mean they should do it.

  Hiring third party, condo election monitors provides transparency and also gives the management company distance from the process. This not only brings integrity to the process but it also guards against tampering.

  Hiring The Voting Group, LLC as your board of directors election monitors can insulate you from all of these problems and more. It would save you the trouble of wondering whether or not:

  • All of the nominations or ballots went to all shareholders.

  • Whether all voting materials were being returned to a safe, secure and neutral location and whether they were being handled properly by an independent group.

  • Whether the outgoing voting ballots were secured against duplication and tampering.

  • Whether all ballots can be accounted for.

  • Whether the election monitors were non partisan.

In the case of online voting and electronic touch screen voting:

  • whether or not your voting information is secure.

  The procedures implemented by The Voting Group insures all of the above plus The Voting Group also certifies all elections that we handle from start to finish which means we will stand by our findings in a court of law if necessary.


  As previously stated, for democracy to continue, elections must reflect the will of the people and in this case your shareholders/cooperators. A fair and transparent election enables voters to choose new representatives and leaders, and tests the strength of the existing democratic process.

   The electoral process can and will impact your organization for years to come. The board that you hire has to reflect the wishes of your shareholders/cooperators so you want to make sure you do it right. Your organizations electoral process is something that should be handled by independent professionals.

  You can have your Board members or management company contact us directly at 1-954-636-8213 or email us or just have them go to our contact page on this site.


The need to save money should not prevent your organization from hiring a professional election monitoring company. This is not something that should depend on cost or be left to chance, there is too much at stake. Remember, you get what you pay for and the good news is we are not expensive.


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